MIT Career Fair: AT&S is looking for the best minds

This year AT&S is represented for the first time at the European career fair of the US elite university Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Thousands of students and graduates from prestigious universities considering a career in European business or research meet there.

For AT&S, the MIT Career Fair is an ideal opportunity to expand the international search for skilled workers to meet the high demand in the rapidly growing group. The European Career Fair of the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been taking place for 26 years. It is an established platform for students from MIT and other US universities such as Harvard to spread their career feelers across the Atlantic and establish contacts with top European companies such as AT&S or research institutions.

In 2022, the MIT European Career Fair took place on February 17 as a purely online event due to the coronavirus. AT&S used the platform for the first time this year and was there with five communication-talented specialists to establish contacts with young, excellently trained people who might be able to dock with AT&S in the future.

Thousands of potential applicants

With over a thousand applicants and more than a hundred European companies, universities, and research institutes, the MIT Career Fair is the largest Europe-centric recruitment event in the USA. The focus is primarily on graduates of technical courses. The participating companies have the opportunity to look at the applicants’ CVs in advance and make a pre-selection for interviews. The candidates can also be selected by field of study and other qualifications.

AT&S took the opportunity to set up its own digital consultation room for the online event. There, our experts met potential applicants for AT&S and made contacts. This is not easy because the candidates’ questions are very comprehensive. Questions range from “What does AT&S actually do?” to “How good is the Austrian health system?”

Top level

The rush for the digital presence of AT&S was already high at the premiere. More than 20 potential applicants, including chemists, physicists, and electronics designers, took the opportunity to find out about job opportunities at AT&S. The AT&S representatives were sometimes very impressed by the CVs of the candidates. The academic level was extremely high, from bachelor graduates to postdocs.

The interest shows that AT&S also remains an exciting option for young professionals internationally. Such career fairs and other creative new ways to attract young talent will become more critical in the future. The company is growing worldwide and has to meet a corresponding need for skilled workers. To do this, AT&S has to think outside the box and look for the best minds worldwide. The company will be represented again at the MIT Career Fair next year.

Cover Photo: Corey Seeman


发布日期: 2022年02月21日