奥特斯携手上海开放大学合作办学 ,2015年大专学历教育项目开学 | AT&S China commences its 2015 College Education Program by joining hands with Shanghai Open University

发布日期: 2015年03月06日

201536日,上海 — 2015年3月6日,奥特斯(中国)有限公司2015年大专学历教育开学典礼如期举行,这是奥特斯连续第二年与上海开放大学合作办学,为一线蓝领员工提供继续教育的机会,把企业提倡的“我们关爱员工”落到实处。本年度249名员工入学,学制两年,修完所有专业课程并通过考试者将获得由上海开放大学颁发的大专毕业证书。来自上海市闵行区政府、莘庄工业区管委会的嘉宾和媒体共同出席了本次开学典礼。







奥地利科技与系统技术股份公司(AT&S)简称奥特斯,是欧洲以及全球领先的高端印制电路板制造商。集团致力于生产具有前瞻性技术的产品,并将工业领域的核心市场定位于:移动设备、汽车和航天、工业电子、医疗与健康以及先进封装领域。2013年集团迈出了其高科技战略的下一步行动,与全球领先的半导体生产商合作开发半导体封装载板。作为一家飞速发展的跨国公司,AT&S 分别在奥地利(利奥本、菲岭)、印度(南燕古德)、中国(上海、重庆在建)和韩国(安山)拥有生产基地。目前集团拥有员工约7300人。






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ShanghaiMarch 62015 – AT&S China commenced its 2015 College Education Program for its front-line blue-collar employees on March 6, 2015.  It is the second consecutive year for the company to sponsor employee further education in collaboration with Shanghai Open University and demonstrates a long-term commitment to the company mission of “we care about people”.

The opening ceremony was witnessed by the officials from Shanghai Minhang District government, Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park and media.  Totally, 249 employees are enrolled this year.  It takes them two years to complete studies and for those whom successfully passing examinations will receive college diploma by Shanghai Open University.

“Our people play a vital role in the creation of the highest standards in our industry. They’re the source of our ideas, actions, and performance.  We are convinced that they can best achieve their full potential in an environment of fairness and respect, self-fulfillment, teamwork, and dedication to excellence, so that’s what we commit to offering every day,” commented Mr. Chen Jiang Phua, CEO BU Mobile Devices & Substrates, AT&S.

Shan Na, joined AT&S China in 2003, spoke to all audiences on behalf of enrolled employees this year.  “It is very important for me to learn something new, such as knowledge, specialties and skills, which enable me to feel much more confident when taking challenges.”

Zhan Li, joined the company in 2007, shared one-year experience with her peers. “Thanks to AT&S for supporting my personal development.  I have learned a lot and put them into my daily job.  I am exciting to see great improvement of my working efficiency.”

“I am impressive with the company continuously investing in adult education. We are looking forward to cooperate with AT&S on a long term basis and give our fully supports to those young people,” said Professor Chen Xin, deputy dean of Shanghai Open University.

AT&S China is active with educational initiatives.  Since 2014, more than 500 employees have been enrolled into this Collage Education Program.  The company assists in full tuition for their further education and offers various opportunities for employee career development.

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