AT&S提供卓越的新嵌入式电力电子解决方案|AT&S offers new outstanding Embedded Power Electronics solutions

发布日期: 2014年12月22日


  •  AT&S完成首个面向汽车与工业应用的颠覆性电力电子解决方案技术
  •  首个参考设计表明,电源模块尺寸显著缩小了50%
  •  电力应用按照50 W至50 kW的不同功率范围进行分类
  •  50 W的电力应用已经准备好进行大规模生产

AT&S是Embedded Component Packaging Solutions(嵌入式组件封装解决方案)的领先供应商。其获得专利的ECP®(嵌入式组件封装)技术支持进一步缩小封装尺寸同时改进性能。得益于其持续的技术发展与强大的合作关系,AT&S如今在电力电子领域成绩卓然。该解决方案显著提高了工业和汽车应用的效率和性能。


基于这项积极的发展,来自汽车、工业与半导体工业部门的领先公司如今正努力使这些新封装解决方案实现大规模生产。根据这项大规模生产计划,电力应用(例如DC/AC可再生电力解决方案)将按照50 W至50 kW的不同功率范围进行分类。

AT&S首席执行官Andreas Gerstenmayer表示:“电力电子日益增长的需求肯定了我们专注于采取创新有效的方法来优化能源使用的战略。根据取得的成果,AT&S如今能够为汽车、工业以及半导体行业的现有客户与潜在客户提供我们的创新型嵌入式电力电子封装解决方案。”
 AT&S – 奥地利
 Continental – 德国
 STMicroelectronics – 法国/意大利
 TU Wien – 奥地利
 TU Berlin – 德国
 Atotech – 德国
 Ilfa – 德国
 Fundico – 比利时

AT&S简介 AT&S是欧洲市场领导者,以及领先的高值印刷电路板制造商之一。垂询详情,请访问这里。 Twitter YouTube 媒体联系方式 Christina Schuller,企业传播负责人 AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG 电话:+43(0)3842-200-5908,电邮,网址: 消息来源AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG

  • AT&S achieved first disruptive technology for power electronics solutions for automotive and industrial applications
  • First reference designs show significant miniaturisation up to 50% for power modules
  • Power applications in different power classes in the range from 50 W to 50 kW
  • 50 W power applications are ready for industrialisation

AT&S is the leading provider for Embedded Component Packaging Solutions. Its patented ECP® technology enables further miniaturisation while improving performance. Due to its constant technology development and strong partnerships, AT&S now achieved outstanding results in the field of power electronics. This solution provides a significant increase in efficiency and performance for Industrial and Automotive Applications.
Together with the EmPower consortium consisting of important industrial players and scientific partners, the development of embedded power packages is now ready for industrialisation. After 18 months of project work, first impressive results have become visible especially by benchmarking with existing packaging solutions:
Reference designs have already been produced and show miniaturisation levels up to 50% for power modules. With the new embedding packaging concepts, an efficiency increase through reduction of power losses and reduced thermal resistances has been demonstrated. New plating equipment for wafer level plating has been developed in order to realise double sided copper plated power dies. This enables a new supply chain for embedded power devices and new packaging solutions.
Based on this positive development leading companies from the Automotive, Industrial & Semiconductor industrial sectors are now on the way to industrialise these new package solutions. Power applications (e.g DC/AC, renewable power solutions) classified in different power ranges from 50 W to 50 kW are targets on the industrialisation plan.
Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO AT&S: “The increasing demand in power electronics confirms our strategy to focus on innovative and efficient methods to optimise the use of energy. Based on the results achieved, AT&S is now able to offer customers and potential customers in the Automotive, Industrial as well as in the semiconductor industry our innovative embedded power electronic packaging solutions.”
The EmPower consortium consists of the following members:
 AT&S – Austria,
 Continental – Germany
 STMicroelectronics – France/Italy
 TU Wien – Austria
 TU Berlin – Germany
 Atotech – Germany
 Ilfa – Germany
 Fundico – Belgium

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