Complex technologies easily explained

Dear readers,

Talking about technology and communicating it in an easily understandable way – be it oral or written – is not an easy task. While it is relatively simple to describe or write about end user devices – be it a smartphone, an electric car, a game console or a smartwatch – it becomes relatively difficult to explain the technology behind it. Especially when these technologies are as complex and innovative as those that we develop at AT&S. Technicians build the devices that consumers use but consumers are more interested in understanding the customer benefits of the product. Technical background information or the interaction and functionality of specific components of a device are usually not of interest for them.

The new AT&S blog should do just that: complex technology content is prepared in an easy to understand way for everyone who have to deal with various technical devices in daily life. The blog presents many of the exciting innovations, projects and components that AT&S developed / is involved in the areas of mobile devices, aerospace, mobility, health and industry.

The blog not only reports on exciting innovations from all of our business units, but also provides a look at the technologies that have made us the global market leader in many areas – for everyone who wants to know a little more. Moreover, if you really want to dive deep into the world of technology – be it as a customer or as a potential employee – the world of is open to you.

I hope you enjoy reading our AT&S blog.


Andreas Gerstenmayer, AT&S CEO

发布日期: 2020年04月26日